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Gilmer/Campbell 1864 Map


(1864 Gilmer Map)


In 1864 Major General (CSA) Jeremy Francis Gilmer (March 23, 1818- December 1, 

1883), as a Confederate Army Engineer, put together a map outlining the interior of Southampton,  and Sussex Counties. The map became known as the 1864 Gilmer Map. 


        The 1864 Gilmer Map depicted current road networks and waterways; to include, the location of family homes, towns and churches.  Of particular interest to this author is Brookneal Church. As depicted on the 1864 Gilmer Map Brookneal Church is plotted in the exact location as Diamond Grove Baptist Church. One can easily note the location of Brookneal Church on what is now referred to as Riverdale Road.  Should one observe the lower right hand corner of said map, Diamond Bridge is clearly noted on what is now Sandy Ridge Road, leading to the T-intersection of Riverdale Road. Riverdale Road leads to Hwy 258 where one may observe on the 1864 Gilmer Map Smith Ferry.

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